Professional UAS built Industrial strong


Ascent X / X8 sUAS manufactured in America. Industrial drone for all types of payloads.

Compact Design, Folding Arms

Ascent X / X8 is a sUAS platform that is both flexible and payload agnostic! Enabling customers with unique and demanding payloads is a CamFlite specialty

Camflite Ascent X industrial sUAS.

Ascent X X/8

Compact Heavy-Lift

The CamFlite Ascent fuses aluminum and carbon fiber into a powerful package

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Contemporary and Conformal

Command and Control (C2) Solutions

CamFlite controllers include custom CamFlite SD Cloud software

Using the Lasest

Autopilot Systems

Featuring Auterion Skynode

Skynode is the centerpiece of your autonomous system, combining compute, video streaming, networking, cellular connection and the flight controller in one tightly integrated device.


HeavyLift sUAS

Built from carbon fiber, aircraft aluminum with intrinsic expandability for payload needs.

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Heavy Lift

Versa X / X8

The CamFlite Versa combines a spacious platform best-in-class heavy lifting capabilities

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Why Chose Camflite?

Our mission is to engineer the best sUAS on the planet for commercial and public asset inspection applications. We have taken the time to fully test and perfect out design for heavy daily use.

Capable Platforms

Long flight times combined with best-in-class payload capacity ensure you have the power to get your job done.

Easy to Fly

Short training times and stable drones means your operators can execute their missions perfectly.

Adaptable, Custom Solutions

Camflite excels at working with our partners to solve technical problems with innovative solutions.

Perfect for These Applications

High Winds

Surveying & Mapping

Infrastructure Inspection

Public Safety

American Manufactured drones, sUAS and support. CamFlite RPAS

American Assembled and Supported Heavy-Lift Drones

CamFlite products are designed, engineered, tested, and assembled in the USA. As a American company, CamFlite strives to procure every component from domestic sources. We also source globally when domestic components or products are unavailable. Camflite provides support from our New Jersey-based facilities as well as onsite consulting and training. We have been designing and building drones since 2012.  

We look forward to serving your sUAS needs!

Industry Partners

Ark Electronics is used in our sUAS aircraft.

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