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Performance Compact design

Aurora's innovative engineering allows for extended flights and the carrying of substantial loads, all while maintaining a compact size. With its innovative engineering, Aurora is capable of achieving extended flights and effortlessly carrying considerable loads, while still maintaining a compact form.

Cloud Connected

Auterion's Skynode empowers customers with unparalleled capabilities in heavy lift, larger aircraft. With LTE connectivity, Aurora enables seamless transmission of data and video over extended distances, real-time access to flight logs, and streamlined fleet management services..

Main Power Interface

XT90 power connector that allow for easy battery connections

Compact Folding Design

Folding boom design with folding propellers for easy set-up and transportation.


Achieve precise missions and NTRIP capabilities with the Ark RTK gps's removable mast.

Payload Ready

Aurora payload ready and integrated. Lidar payloads, Sony Cameras seamlessly work with the Aurora.

Gremsy pixy f

Aurora Specifications

Motors: (4)-X6 Pro
Propeller size: 24”
Dry Weight: ~12bs. / ~6 kg
Max payload: ~20 lbs. / ~9kg
MTOW: 44 lbs. / 20kg
Power: 16Ah to 30Ah @ 44
Flight time: ~30 – 50 minutes
Control range: ~2 miles / ~4 km
Max speed: 50 mph / 100 km/h
Dust & water-resistant

Additional Specifications

Diagonal Wheelbase: 890mm

Autopilot: Auterion Skynode

FPV Video: High Definition FPV Video

Ingress Protection: Water & Dust Protected (IP51)

Ground Station Controller: your choice of radio

External  Power: 24v@5amps

External Communications: SBus / Serial / Can /Ethernet / USB

External Video: FPV Video

Aurora Includes

Aurora vehicle, your choice of command and control systems, and a custom shipping case


Fully built and tested Aurora aircraft.

herelink radio

Remote Control System

Controller with Auterion AMC, charger, and all support equipment installed and tested

Camflite SKB custom carry case.

(Optional) Aurora Shipping Container

Full protection for Aurora remote control, landing gear, and support equipment


Our product complies with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and has enabled Remote ID. It is also made, produced, and supported in the United States.

American Manufactured drones, sUAS and support. CamFlite RPAS