Auterion Skynode

Camflite is proud to offer the Most Advanced AI Drone Flight Controller in our sUAS aircraft!


A built-in connectivity stack including 4G, Bluetooth and WiFi enables automatic real-time data transmission from your drone to the cloud. Built on open standards, Skynode™ is flexible and extensible and allows you to leverage compatible software and hardware components from our rich ecosystem.

Simple and intuitive UI

Enterprise operators expect smartphone-like UX. Provide them with a simple interface and intuitive controls – like 3D maps – for solutions that work with minimal training.

Skynode enables you with:

Simple and confident planning Safety and peace of mind Efficient execution Purposeful flight behavior
Live view and camera control

4G real-time data delivery

Drones need to deliver images and videos to subject matter experts. Connect your drone with 4G, and soon 5G, to send images and stream real-time video from the field to remote experts.

Skynode comes with:

Built-in 4G module
SIM card and 5 GB data volume included
Automated zero-touch data upload
Real-time upload of logs, images, video

AI and apps on board

Running AI algorithms onboard is quickly becoming the norm in the drone industry. Easily deploy apps and algorithms in Docker containers and extend Skynode with additional compute power when needed.

Deploy apps in docker containers
Extend Skynode with additional compute power
Process high bandwidth sensor data onboard

Optimize performance with insights

It’s like Google Analytics for your drone. Constantly monitor and optimize drone performance with the cloud-based insights dashboard, with real-time analytics of vehicles in flight, including sensor data, feature usage, flight anomalies, and customer success.

Aim for enterprise with Mission Control

Enable enterprise customers to plan autonomous missions and control flights with a simple, intuitive app designed for operators. Offer a white-label version under your own brand, providing live-streamed drone data and total drone operation from a single app available on iOS, Android, Windows, OS X and Linux.