US Department of the Interior announced

In August 2020, the US Department of the Interior announced that it would ban the use of drones made by DJI, citing national security concerns. The ban was later extended to cover all US government agencies and contractors. According to the Department of the Interior, the decision to ban DJI drones was based on "information security risks presented by the use of certain foreign-manufactured unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)."
There have been concerns raised about the potential for DJI drones to be used to gather intelligence on behalf of the Chinese government, as well as the possibility that third parties could access the data collected by DJI drones. While DJI has maintained that its drones are secure and have robust data privacy and security measures, these concerns have led some US government agencies to prefer drones made by American companies.
This ban could limit the ability of US government agencies to access cost-effective and high-quality drone technology, which is why Camflite, a US-based drone manufacturer, is vital to the US first responder industry.
There are a few potential reasons why a US-based company might prefer to use Camflite drones as opposed to drones made by DJI, a Chinese company. Here are a few possibilities:
· National security concerns: Some US government agencies and contractors may prefer to use drones made by American companies out of concern that DJI drones could potentially be used to gather intelligence on behalf of the Chinese government.
· Support for domestic industry: Using American-made drones can support domestic industry and help create jobs within the US.
· Potential supply chain disruptions: Depending on the nature of the company's operations, using drones made by an American company could reduce the risk of supply chain disruptions in the event of geopolitical tensions or other disruptions.
Ultimately, the decision to use American-made drones versus drones made by DJI or other companies will depend on the specific needs and priorities of the company in question.