​Engineering and construction firms turn to Camflite's sUAS to​ help digitally track & inspect ongoing projects. Using our software and scanning methods, through either lidar or photogrammetry methods,​we deliver ​results in a highly-accurate digital map of worksites. ​Camflite sUAS provides the ultimate efficient & documentable approach to ensure the progress and quality of construction projects.


Camflite's sUAS offer Geospatial experts a reliable platform to carry out aerial surveys with valuable Lidar sensors. We offer redundancies, including a proven fail-safe autonomous parachute system, providing peace of mind when working to survey new property developments, archaeological sites, transportation infrastructure, coastal erosion, and so much more.


​Camflite will keep your facility secure through ISR capabilities and secure data transmission. ​A wide range of EO/IR imaging systems can be configured with complementary technologies, such as power tethers and autonomous charging stations, to create a fully autonomous security solution.

Rutgers stadium


​Law Enforcement agencies use Camflite sUAS for emergency response situations, search & rescue missions, and border patrol applications.​Camflite's sUAS reliable & secure data feed paired with a high-quality thermal camera gives agencies an immediately deployable solution. Whether as an eye-in-the-sky or emergency response, trust the​ Camflite to get the job done.

Payload Delivery

CamFlite sUAS are fully capable for autonomous payload delivery. We offer many solutions to carries a verity of payload sizes. Using AI flight controllers Camflite sUAS are more than capable to get the delivery made!